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Spring in the Southern Hemisphere has seen a cleanout of politicians and a clean-up of failed policies as New Zealand says goodbye to covid zero. Tim and Dieuwe discuss their respective leaders’ unraveling on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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Unable to eliminate covid in Auckland Jacinda this week unveiled a three-step plan to ease lockdown in Auckland, at the same time putting Northland and Waikato regions into lockdown. For lock downed regions in New Zealand, the list of essential workers includes members of the Mongrel Mob gang because they now run drug treatment facilities. However, Auckland Rugby teams cannot participate in the national championship outside the city despite all players being fully vaccinated. Auckland’s big fat lockdown hypocriteSiouxsie Wiles has had text messages between her and the Director-General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield revealed.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews was today fined twice for violating his own outdoor mask mandate when walking from his car to Parliament on two occasions this week. But a couple of mask fines are the least of Dan’s problems with the state’s anti-corruption body IBAC investigating both his government and his Labor Party.

Victorians can now remove their masks to consume alcohol outdoors, can use the toilets on golf courses but the nightly 9pm curfew remains. Despite Melbourne now at 250 days in lockdown cases continue to reach record highs. As Australia reaches its 70-80% vaccine targets its advisory body ATAGI has already approved third doses for those who are severely immunocompromised.

The new NSW Premier Domonic Perrottet is a conservative catholic father of six who believes in freedom, which the cultural left believes is a bad thing. Perrottet at a press conference without Dr Kerry Chant present unveiled modest changes to the NSW Roadmap on Thursday allowing for increased private gatherings, he said important decisions should be made by democratically elected politicians. Chant at a health briefing today said that officials had discovered a new Delta strain circulating in Sydney.

Greta Thunberg has accused Jacinda Ardern of doing nothing about climate change in a recent Guardian interview. Greta has grown tired of political leaders’ climate slogans net-zero and build back better which she calls ‘blah blah;.

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