TTT 77 Tightening the Screws

The Australian government tightens the screws on its citizens as rolling lockdowns and greater police powers continue with vaccine passports looming as well. New Zealand academics who assert that traditional Maori knowledge is not science feel the wrath of the mob, and the government announces that Christian teaching on sexuality and gender will become a criminal offence. Join Tim and Dieuwe on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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New Zealand continues to maintain its covid zero status with limited people allowed into the country, however, a covid positive UN worker was allowed in for medical treatment. In Australia, the Greater Sydney lockdown continues with the ADF on its way to help enforce compliance, NSW Police are preparing to crack down on more protestors this weekend. Victoria has moved to lockdown lite, Australia’s National Cabinet has agreed to a more detailed four-phase plan back to normal but the nation won’t move to the second phase until 70% of the eligible population is vaccinated and even then lockdowns are still possible.

When the Ardern Labour Government began to crackdown on free speech, firearm ownership and other civil liberties during the pandemic voters in NZ in the 2020 election turned to the Libertarian ACT Party where they went from just 1 MP their leader David Seymour to 10. With the rolling lockdowns across the nation, Australia’s libertarian party the Liberal Democrats have gained Liberal Party defectors John Ruddick and Ross Cameron. There are rumours that former LNP Premier Campbell Newman will run for the Liberal Democrats.

The left has turned on their former hero Will Connolly “EggBoy” who become infamous for egging Senator Fraser Anning the day after the Christchurch massacre. This is because he is opposing the lockdowns and skeptical of the vaccines and masks. He was interviewed by Avi Yemini at last weekend’s anti-lockdown protest where he had been fined for meditating.

Ardern Labour Government has decided to follow the Victorian Andrews Labor Government in banning gay and transgender conversion therapy, including faith-based prayer with a maximum penalty of 3 years imprisonment. Both New Zealand and Victoria have draft legislation to outlaw ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’. This is why in Victoria the police could not charge patriot Neil Erikson with homophobia when he spoke out against same-sex marriage inside a gay church. Instead, he was charged and convicted of disturbing religious worship again and sentenced to 10 weeks in prison.

In cancel culture, a University of Auckland professor has resigned from one of his roles because he signed a letter that said Maori matuaranga was not science. Australian commentator Alan Jones has had his column pulled from the Daily Telegraph for opposing the Sydney lockdown and questioning the vaccine rollout.

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