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While Australia is almost last in the race to reopen and return to normal the city of Brisbane won its bid for the 2032 Olympics. Meanwhile, NZ seems to be at the front of the race to put racial politics into every aspect of their society. Join Tim Wilms and Stephen Berry for this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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The Greater Sydney outbreak currently also has Victoria and South Australia in lockdown. NSW Health managed to flush out a leak of the daily local cases to a Sydney TikTok comedian. Scott Morrison has been blamed for this year’s lockdowns due to the slow vaccine rollout. He tried a different media strategy this past week going on FM radio programs where Kyle and Jackie O asked him to clear up once and for all the Engadine Maccas rumor. But on Jase and PJ he was asked to apologize for the slow vaccine rollout which he did a press conference later that day.

Brisbane was confirmed as the host of the 2032 Summer Olympics, wasn’t quite the same celebration as when Sydney won the 2000 Games in 1993 where the race was much more competitive beating Beijing by 2 votes. AOC Chair Joan Coates was accused of being disrespectful to Queensland Premier in Toyko ordering her to attend the opening ceremony to immerse herself in the Olympic culture.

Critical race theory has found its way to NZ with its education department overseeing students being taught about ‘white privilege. Stephen himself was in the news starting a petition to remove Shaneel Lal from the Rainbow Youth Board for hate speech, he has accused LGBT activists of only achieving victories in the past for white LGBT people.

Federal Government waste continues, more detail has come to light of JobKeeper payments going to businesses who never needed them and are under no obligation to pay them back. Following the sports rorts scandal of funding aimed at Coalition electorates in the lead up to the 2019 election, there is now the car park rorts scandal from the same election except this time car parks promised could not be built.

Victoria Police continue to not be held to account for misconduct which was firmly in focus during the extended lockdown of 2020. A Victorian police officer who stomped on the head of a man having a mental health breakdown in the northern suburbs of Melbourne will not face charges. In a separate incident from 2019, a senior police officer will not face charges for assaulting emergency services workers after it was not deemed ‘in the public interest

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