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The Great Trans-TERF War of 2021 rages on, NZ’s two biggest gangs, the Mob and the Govt form an unlikely alliance. The Australian Christian Lobby is banned by WA, the Sydney lockdown is extended and Dictator Dan goes for his 5th lockdown. Join Tim and Dieuwe on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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The Greater Sydney lockdown has clocked up its third week and will be extended for a least another two as the city averages around 100 new cases per day. Some dodgy removalists who traveled from Sydney have spread covid in Melbourne resulted in Dan Andrews to announce Victoria’s 5th lockdown which is supposedly only for 5 days. Scott Morrison has promised more Pfizer vaccines are on their way, though NSW Health accidentally delivered 161 doses to boys for St Joseph’s College in Sydney’s North Shore.

Although New Zealand’s vaccine rollout is just as slow as Australia’s its Health Minister Chris Hipkins is already discussing going to door to door to chase down the unvaccinated. A statement from Jacinda last year has gone viral again where she said only listen to your government as ‘your one source of truth’. Sadly because of social distancing, masks and lockdowns resulting in weaker immune systems there has been a major outbreak in NZ of RSV including infants with the first death of RSV being recorded in a 63 year old woman

The TERFs in NZ led by group called Speak Up for Women has had a victory in the courts gaining access to public facilities for their information and education events. In Western Australia the Australian Christian Lobby has been banned by the state government from using public facilities for their Director Martyn Iles’ The Truth of it National Tour. In Victoria LGBT individuals are higher on the intersectional hierarchy than Aboriginals after homeless Aboriginals were moved on to make way for Dan Andrews to open up an LGBT Pride Centre.

The script for the proposed Hollywood film about Jacinda Ardern’s response to the Christchurch massacre ‘They Are Us’ was leaked to the media and contained a graphic reenactment of Brenton Tarrant’s mosque attack. It also aimed to villainize all other NZ political leaders with invented dialogue including a fake Christian political villain.

Jacinda Ardern’s Government has come under fire yet again for its relationship with organized criminal gang the Mongrel Mob. It has signed off on $3 million in funding drug rehab centre to be run by the gang, it is almost the exact same figure the government has seized from the gang during raids deemed to be the proceeds of crime.

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