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The Governments of both Tasman nations took further extreme steps against free speech, though they are unsure about what spoken speech will now be deemed hateful and unlawful. Join Tim Wilms and new contributor Stephen Berry from the Mr Berry Mr Berry show on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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Stephen recently moved from Auckland to Melbourne for work and family reasons. He moved before Melbourne’s fourth lockdown so he has had experienced five lockdowns in total across two nations. Despite his move to the decaying state of Victoria Stephen will still enjoy a higher standard of living than in New Zealand, he is still getting used to Melbourne’s mask mania.

While covid lockdowns have dominated the Australian news before the Australian Parliament winter break they passed the online safety bill which gives the eSafety Commissioner more power to censor Australia’s internet. It will also increase the jail term for using a carriage service to menace and harras to five years.

Jacinda Ardern is attempting to pass a promised expansion of New Zealand’s hate speech laws but her government is unsure how much-alleged hate speech the law will cover. Jacinda called Opposition Leader Judith Collins a Karen claiming that insult wouldn’t be considered hate speech. Local NZ Antifa is still busy trying to cancel further local YouTuber Lee Williams.

Happening at the state level in Australia Victoria is set to completely decriminalize prostitution to end the stigma of ‘whorephobia’. New Tasmanian Labor leader David O’Bryne has posed in a communist shirt making a communist fist. He has stood aside as leader already while a sexual harassment complaint against him is being investigated.

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