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This week Victoria has now equaled Auckland’s record entering its fourth lockdown. With the virus lab leak theory from Wuhan now looking the most plausible we are now permitted to discuss it on social media. It’s budget week in New Zealand but Australia’s reports have been more focused on New Xi Land. All that and more on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk, join Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer.

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The whole state of Victorian is in another circuit breaker lockdown currently scheduled to last seven days after the so called “indian variant” escaped from hotel quarantine in South Australia. It has resulted in a surge in demand for the vaccines after a slow public takeup. In New Zealand, its vaccine rollout is still very slow but they remain covid free.

60 Minutes Australia is airing an investigation asking if New Zealand has ditched Australia for China. Two New Zealand MPs one from National and one from Labour with links to the CCP are quietly retiring after pressure from the nation’s security services. Communist China was where the coronavirus was born with the theory that it leaked from a lab now becoming the most credible despite social media censoring such a theory last year.

The annual New Zealand well being budget was handed down by Finance Minister Grant Robertson with more debt and spending. The local press pack was more interested in attacking Opposition leader Judith Collins about questioning if the Ardern Government was planning anymore Maori ethno-nationalist policies after their change to local government policies. At local government level TERFs were turfed out of meeting at a Christchurch public library due to their views on transgender women.

Some better news for Victorians is that Unified Security led by David Millwald the firm hired by the Victorian Government to guard hotel quarantine in 2020 where the virus escaped and caused the second wave is now in administration and trying to sue the Victorian Government for unpaid invoices to save itself. The lockdowns were supposed to ease pressure on our hospitals but delayed care from 2020 is seeing them streatched like never before in 2021

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