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Auckland is has been plunged back in lockdown after a mystery coronavirus outbreak. They join Melbourne in being subjected into a draconian lockdown. Tim and Dieuwe are all suffering together now and share their experiences on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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The China Virus has returned to Auckland and continues to rampage through Melbourne. The latter is near the end of its first two (of six) weeks under stage 4 lockdown, as Auckland starts a minimum of two weeks under level 3 restrictions.

Conspiracies have been running wild, with the media and PM trying to bust them. Yet at the same time, they’re sticking to their story that frozen chicken might be to blame for the latest outbreak, much as the CCP is trying to do.

Melbourne claims to have identified its patient zero, a night shift manager at a hotel who infected half a dozen security guards. This might pour cold water on the salacious stories circulating, but at the same time does not explain how ‘patient zero’ got sick. Cases in Victoria are up, but not dramatically, indicating that the WuFlu might be burning itself out.

NZ’s Health Minister Chris Hipkins said in a press conference that “your one source of truth is the information announced from this podium”. Yet 5 minutes later Ashley Bloomfield announced a case at Pakuranga College — a statement that caused confusion and panic as the locals had not been notified. It turned out to be a mistake. Several hours later the government also had to walk back its denials that a tourist who later tested positive visited a ramen shop Wellington. It was also revealed that 2/3rds of border workers were never tested prior to this week, and mandatory testing at the border was not in place until today.

New opposition leader Judith Collins has called for the election to be delayed to November, but as the policy of eternal lockdowns continues, there is still no clarity if that would level the playing field. Jacinda Ardern is not interested in a delay, as any wait would weaken her position to soundly win this “wartime election”.

She has extended wage subsidy payment well beyond the current election date and the reserve bank has decided to print another $40 billion to add fuel to the fire.

Scott Morrison addressed failings in age care, which is a federal government responsibility. He denied that they did not have a plan in place, but many people are saying that “sorry” just doesn’t cut it. The Ruby Princess report was also released, identifying a number of failures. As usual, no one was held accountable or fired. The government will always be incompetent and fail you.

Meanwhile, Western Australia has passed emergency legislation to stop mining magnate Clive Palmer from suing them. He will now push his case to the High Court to force the state borders to be opened.

Tomorrow also marks 75 years since V-P Day, the official end to WW2. Enjoy the freedoms our ancestors fought for — unless you live in Melbourne or Auckland.

Tim and Dieuwe also answered audience questions for the final 15 minutes of the show, with paid superchats getting priority. This closing segment will be a permanent addition to the show, so bring your questions next week.


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