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As Victoria’s Coronavirus curve remains in mid-hundreds Melbournians have been ordered to cover up their faces with a new mask mandate being enforced. Across the Tasman, New Zealand MPs would be better covering up downstairs given the week of sex scandals. Dieuwe de Boer and Tim Wilms discuss this latest news on Trad Tasman Talk.

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National MP Andrew Falloon texted pornographic images (not of himself) to at least five different women, prompting his swift resignation from parliament. Ian Lees-Galloway, Labour Minister for Workplace Relations, Immigration, and ACC, has been outed for adultery with a staffer, which lasted a year and even involved flying her to Paris. Some say he took his job a bit too literally. The third departure was Raymond Huo, a Labour MP with CCP connections, who is retiring with little fanfare.

Announced on Sunday, Greater Melbourne and Mitchell Shire’s face covering mandate has come into effect as the city enters the third week of the second city-wide lockdown. You face a $200 fine for not wearing a mask without a valid reason, but why now when these veils were previously discouraged? Victoria’s daily new coronavirus cases are somewhat stable in the 200-400 range for the past two weeks, the curve is not going up or down.

Premier Dan Andrews has blamed reckless Victorians for creating the second wave, but in reality it has been his government’s failure at managing hotel quarantine, his health department’s poor infection contact tracing program, and his failure to keep health and aged care facilities free of the coronavirus that has caused it’s return. Health professionals let Melbourne down.

The media are still campaigning for governments to mandate even more restrictions, including for Melbourne to be subjected to a stage 4 lockdown, which has not even been defined. Meanwhile in Sydney, more BLM protests are planned…

Infamous country shopper and illegal immigrant Behrouz Boochani has been allowed to stay in NZ as Ian Lees-Galloway’s final act as immigration minister. The Kurdish-Iranian activist has extensive ties to communist organisations and used his first day as a “refugee” to argue for “hate speech” laws. Perhaps this is just a stopover for him to use as a backdoor to get into Australia.

The show closed with some comments on the deplatforming of checkpoint challengers and corona skeptics, along with an update on Coon Cheese cancel culture.


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