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It’s a turbulent time as power-hungry politicians remain unyielding in their desire to hold onto pandemic powers. In this week’s special episode we’ll take you back through the origins of TTT and the entire panel will be there for an “AMA” to answer your questions. Join Tim Wilms, Dieuwe and Amie de Boer, Stephen Berry, and Origen.

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The show began in September 2019 as Trans Tasman Talk changing the name to Trad as use of the term trans with its new definition triggered too many people. Origen revoiced the show intro and outro for the name change and correctly pronounced Dieuwe’s name. Stephen joined the show family in 2021 after his move from Auckland to Melbourne. Dieuwe’s wife Amie has also helped behind the scenes with the show graphics.

This week in Wellington Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament Trevor Mallard ordered the local police outside Parliament House to physically remove members of NZ convoy demanding an end to the country’s vaccine mandates and passports. The police put their feet on the throat of protestors they dragged out which included a naked woman. We cross live Tare Paurere who is outside the Parliament where the sprinklers were turned on this afternoon to try and deter the convoy members.

Australia’s convoy protestors have remained in Canberra for a second week and had a huge weekend crowd around Parliament House, there is another rally scheduled for tomorrow. Despite the Canberra convoy protests, Australians could have the booster dose mandated by their state governments with ATAGI changing its advice that those over 16 should have a booster within 3-6 after their second dose to be ‘up to date’.

The Australian and Victorian Parliaments sat this week who are both up for election this year and had members of their respective governments crossing the floor. 5 Federal lower house Liberal MPs crossed the floor to vote for amendments for the Morrison’s Governments Religious Discrimination Bill that would prevent faith schools from expelling gay and transgender students which led to the bill being withdrawn in the Senate. Victorian Labor MLC Kaushaliya Vaghela joined her former factional colleague Adem Somyeruk and voted for a motion to refer the party’s 2014 red shirts rorts to IBAC then resigned from the party.

In other Australian political news, ASIO foiled an attempted CCP espionage plot to use a businessman to bankroll unwitting NSW Labor candidates for the upcoming federal election. NSW Labor faces off with Perrotett Government in a Super Saturday of 4 by-elections triggered by the resignation from Parliament of former Premier Gladys Berejiklian who announced this week she had joined Optus as a Managing Director.

Adem Somyurek reveals ‘systematic corruption’ around red shirts rort, says Labor ‘stole election’ – Sky News Australia
Chinese spies attempted to install Labor candidates in federal election – The Age



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