TTT 62 Sustained Propaganda

Welcome back to another installment of Trad Tasman Talk as Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer discuss the events of the past week in the Tasman nations. On the anniversary of “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, Jacinda Ardern has plunged Auckland back into another week of lockdown as the sustained big government propaganda goes on.

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The Ardern’s Government contract tracing and isolation directions have been exposed to be woefully inadequate as Auckland’s fourth lockdown is due to the same cluster as the third lockdown just two weeks ago.

While Victoria is no longer under a lockdown Premier Dan Andrews will have the power to declare one at any moment with his state of emergency extension for another nine months passing the state parliament.

The Ardern Government is pushing for racially segregated local council wards which are being opposed by the National and ACT Party.

Australia’s Parliamentary rape scandal has now seen a sitting Cabinet Minister and a sitting Labor MP accused of historical rape.

Ardern, Bloomfield, PHS principal ‘want to improve’ and review communications after KFC worker says she was never told to isolate – MSN
Victoria’s state of emergency to be extended until December – The Age
ACT opposes ‘divisive’ plan to end veto of Māori wards in councils, described as ‘racist’ by Labour – Newshub


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