TTT Ep. 6 Prizes and Polls

There were prizes and poll upsets this week. Tim and Dieuwe put a Trans Tasman view on these news items on this week’s episode.

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Jacinda Ardern was robbed of the Nobel Peace Prize by a more worthy leader who brokered peace in Africa. The other populist choice for the Prize was teen climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Her followers in the west continued their Rebellion Week disruptions with the government of Queensland proposing new laws to stop their destructive behavior. The protests in Victoria cost the state government $3 million. Extinction Rebellion with their blocking of peak hour traffic has alienated even more members of the public from their climate doomsday message.

Australia’s Parliament today debated and rejected a Labor Opposition motion to declare a climate emergency. Some eyebrows were raised about a group of Liberal MPs representing inner-city seats joined a Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action Group

The results of the local elections in New Zealand are in, with some shake-ups in Wellington and Auckland returning the status quo. Jacinda Ardern even accidentally disowned her own mayoral candidate in the capital. Nationwide turnout was down to below 50%, with Auckland reaching an abysmal 35% participation with leftist Mayor Phil Goff re-elected.

There have been two general election polls this week that show Jacinda could be in trouble next year. She’s back down to her pre-March level of popularity while the leader of the opposition, Simon Bridges, is holding steady. The polls didn’t show anything overly positive for any minor party, except perhaps that Winston Peters might hang on next year. The ACT Party also recorded a slight increase in their vote.

The Twitter mob were mad at Scott Morrison for downing a beer with the Fijian PM, the latest in their long list of lame outrages against him. The Chinese Communist flag at a police station in Box Hill in Melbourne has attracted two white nationalist protests.

After a week of leftist activism the 10th anniversary March for the Babies took place in Melbourne and the March for Life took place in Brisbane on Saturday afternoon. The regressive left has steamrolled their genocide against the unborn out through both Australia and New Zealand in recent times. The March for Life in Wellington, New Zealand, will take place on December 7.

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