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Trad Tasman Talk returns at the special previous time of Tuesday 7pm Melbourne time. Dieuwe and Tim discuss the latest news happening on both sides of the Tasman with a focus on the “Year Zero” narrative that has been imported from America in erasing all our history.

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New Zealand officially ended COVID-19, but after 24 days of no new cases, the “second wave” hit just hours before the show started. Two new cases have been recorded, and tracing is underway to find out how many people the travellers had contact with. Jacinda Ardern has also stated that she is “angry” that The Warehouse is firing 1,000 staff as businesses continue to cut costs due to the lockdown she imposed on them herself.

Australia has extended Step 3 of CovidSafe to allow further relaxations as the country has less than 400 active cases, with Victoria seeing the bulk of new cases.

While BLM protests and attempts to vandalise statues in Australia and New Zealand have largely fizzled out, there are some being taken down or renamed. The Unshackled exposed a Green’s staffer who was arrested for vandalising a Captain Cook statue.

In New Zealand, some businesses are removing colonial names and figures from their establishments to appease the woke mob and hopefully make more money. A local council in New Zealand removed a statue of a naval captain killed in the New Zealand Wars after a threat of vandalisation, simply because the statue represented “whiteness”. A simply more amusing uproar has been around the Coon Cheese brand.

The Victorian Labor party was exposed for corruption on Nine’s 60 Minutes. State Labor Minister Adem Somyurek has been accused of bullying, branch stacking and corruption after a year long investigation. Up to 25% of party members are said to be fake. He was last in the news for fighting factional rival John Eren in 2018 using butter knives in parliament.

All that and much more was discussed on Tuesday’s show. TTT will return at the same time next Tuesday, before we return to the usual Friday slot in July.


NSW Police Defend Captain Cook Statue From Leftist Mob – TU
Marxists Defy Supreme Court To Hold “Refugee” Rally – TU
Australian Comedian Leads Charge To Have Coon Cheese Renamed – WSFM
King Leopold Ranges renamed by WA Government – ABC News
Greens candidate who ran against Prime Minister at 2019 election charged with child sex offences – ABC News
Convicted sex offender and former Labor MP Milton Orkopolous faces more assault charges – 7News

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