TTT 32 Bordering on Insanity

With a number of Tasman jurisdictions almost coronavirus free the pressure is on leaders to tear down our internal borders to allow free trade and commerce to resume. The Trans Tasman Travel Bubble is still firmly on the agenda as well. Tim and Dieuwe discuss on this week’s Trad Tasman Talk.

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The show starts off with some breaking news as Twitter restricted Trump’s latest tweet on the Minneapolis riots. COVID-19 has vanished from the headlines there with rioting and looting replacing it.

New Zealand is down to its last active case and the cases in Australia are dwindling. An extra death has been added in New Zealand from someone who died after recovering from coronavirus, with the Director-General citing an “inclusive” approach to tallying deaths. Scott Morrison announced that Australia’s national cabinet will replace COAG and become permanent.

There’s no real news on normalising the borders in the South Pacific, with more high profile Australians backing a case before the High Court to have inter-state border closures declared unconstitutional. New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister has echoed a call to immediately open the Tasman borders.

New Zealand has seen a record number of job losses, with another 100,000 now claiming some form of benefit. Australia’s Robodebt scheme was found to have unfairly punished many struggling families based on faulty income modelling.

Racial preferences have come to the New Zealand healthcare system, with Maori and Pacific Islanders being moved to the front of the line for elective surgery now that those have resumed, with Europeans and Asians now openly discriminated against.

The new NZ National Party leader has not had a good first week, bowing to media pressure and announcing that his “Make America Great Again” souvenir would not be displayed in his new office. The party also stumbled when asked about their lack of diversity on the front bench, again bowing to media pressure and attempting to invent token minorities.

Australia’s News Corp announced further job losses and is stopping production of many of its print papers. The media ended up shooting themselves in the foot with the Coronacrisis, forgetting that if all their advertisers had to shut shop then all the clickbait ad revenue would also dry up.


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Todd Muller won’t be bringing Trump hat to new office – stuff
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