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Local police in lockdown Australian cities were busy arresting and fining people for having face masks off. Meanwhile, up in Canada local police have done no arresting of those destroying the nation’s history. All that and more Western arrested development tonight on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Although Victoria is out of lockdown the state is still imprisoning and prosecuting a number of political dissents. National Socialist Thomas Sewell has been moved from the Melbourne Assessment Prison to Port Phillip Prison as he continues to be held on remand facing armed robbery and assault charges. Nick Patterson was granted bail after nearly a month in custody after being charged with assaulting police during an anti-lockdown protest.

A Yarra City Greens councillor Anab Mohamud has been charged with assault after being involved in a nightclub brawl where she screamed homophobic slurs.

Brisbane telegram personality Philfy was arrested on outstanding warrants while live-streaming himself without a mask in a Centrelink. Philfy was remanded in custody at least until a court appearance in August. With lockdowns and restrictions affecting four Australian cities over the past week police were out in force. In NSW they arrested the owners of the Bowral organic store for not wearing masks, the WA Police arrested patriot Stephen Wells and his friend for not wearing a mask.

In Australian political theater news, the #MeToo2.0 attacks against the Liberal Government continue. Former Liberal MP Julia Banks has written a book with more generalized allegations about bullying plus accusing an unnamed Cabinet Minister of putting his hands on her thigh. The new LNP preselected candidate for Bowan to replace Andrew Laming Henry Pike is in trouble for a decade-old comment claiming that fucking a fat chick makes you beyond redemption.

Overseas the cultural Marxists in the lead up to Canada Day have torn down a statue of Queen Victoria and have burnt down several Catholic churches in response to mass graves being uncovered near 19th century Catholic missionary schools for Canada’s Indigenous people. One of Donald Trump’s former aides has created another new social media platform GETTR which is similar to Twitter. Bloodthirsty neoconservative and former Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld died at the age of 88.

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