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Our political leaders still can’t keep their hands off our freedoms or off their staff as the Hancock affair demonstrated. I explore the latest political vanity, double standards and societal absurdities on tonight’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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It was D-Day in Victoria with the return to work of Premier Dan Andrews. For once the COVID lockdown madness is occurring in other states and territories. Greater Sydney and Darwin entered lockdown over the weekend with restrictions introduced in South East Queensland and Greater Perth in response to local cases. South Australia and the ACT have introduced restrictions without any cases. The daily NSW press conference got buzzards with Police Commissioner Mick Fueller discussing some nude sunbathers who got lost after being startled by a deer and were fined for breaching lockdown. Then Fueller was served a cease and desist notice by a man calling himself the prime creator.

In Britain Health Secretary Matt Hancock has resigned after the Sun newspaper published CCTV footage of his affair with an aide in violation of his own COVID restrictions and guidelines. Britain has delayed their freedom by a month due to a rise in infections related to the Delta variant.

In the United States President Joe Biden has developed a new way of speaking, whispering when trumpeting his personal political achievements. A long-awaited report was delivered to the US Congress about the Government’s encounters with UFOs. Some suspect the US deep state and globalists are planning to stage a fake alien invasion after the pandemic. After the so-called ‘suicide’ of dissent US businessman John McAfee in a Spanish prison NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden believes the US government will ‘suicide’ Julian Assange next.

Elsewhere in Australia another politician has launched defamation proceedings against the ABC’s Louise Milligan. This time it is Andrew Laming after Milligan accused him of upskirting. Peter Dutton defamation case against a refugee activist accusing him of being a rape apologist has gone to mediation. To finish the show off on a lighter night we look at the filming of Wog Boy 3 written band starring Melbourne comedian Nick Giannopoulos.

Watch Matt Hancock affair video as he kisses Gina Coladangelo in his office after checking the coast is clear – The Sun
Federal Liberal MP Andrew Laming threatens 10 MPs and journalists with legal action – Brisbane Times
Peter Dutton to enter court-ordered mediation with Shane Bazzi in tweet defamation case – The Guardian
Andrew O’Keefe assaulted ex-partner during argument over ‘ice pipe’: court told –
Edward Snowden says Julian Assange ‘could be next’ after John McAfee dies by suicide in jail – Business Insider

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