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On tonight’s Tim’s News Explosion we look at while North America is getting back to normal life in time for summer and the holiday season back in fortress Australia we continue to have a fleeting quality of life as restrictions, mandates, and surveillance remains in the name of public health.

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Victorians have had a bit more of their pre-existing freedoms drip-fed back them by the Andrews/Merlino Government. After four lockdowns many Victorians have had enough and are looking to flee with interstate borders beginning to reopen. As Melbourne’s clusters are in their last gasp Sydney has a growing cluster of the Delta variant in its Eastern suburbs. This means that the daily Hazzard is back at 11 am with NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard engaging in more hyperbole about the ‘guerrilla fighter’ virus.

Trade Minister Dan Tehan has said there is no rush to open up the international borders unless you are Prime Minister Scott Morrison attending the G7 in Cornwall and tracing your family history. Victorian CHO Brett Sutton added to the latest leaders’ hypocrisy traveling to Canberra before Melbourne’s 25km travel radius was abolished. Australia also leads with QR code contact tracing surveillance with state police forces now wanting access to citizens’ QR code data.

Australia’s vaccine rollout took another hit with the Federal Government’s immunization advisory body ATAGI now only recommending the AstraZeneca for those aged 60 and over due to continued blood clot concerns. This continues the pivot to mRNA vaccines with Victorian funding a local mRNA vaccine trial. In the US states which haven’t banned vaccine passports they initially didn’t recognize the AstraZeneca vaccine because it isn’t USFDA approved.

Overall the US is gearing up for as close to pre-covid normal summer, but the identity politics continues with President Joe Biden declaring Juneteenth a national holiday which is designed to compete with the 4th July Independence Day. The UK mainstream media will finally get some thought diversity with the launch of a non-Murdoch owned right-leaning news network GB News Chaired by Andrew Neil who also Chairs the Spectator Magazine.

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