TNE 50 Twitter Transgressions

The start of week two of the Australian federal election campaign has seen more twitter transgression take up coverage as Telsa billionaire Elon Musk attempts to take over the social media giant. The latest on the return of Tim’s News Explosion.

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Scott Morrison is standing by his Capitan’s pick for the seat of Warringah Katherine Deves founder of Save Women’s Sport. Journalists Samantha Maiden and Michael Koziol have reported on Deves controversial comments on transgender people on her deleted social media and in online interviews. Morrison unveiled Senator Anne Ruston would be his next Health Minister if he is re-elected.

Anthony Albanese had a shocker of a first week for the campaign. After not being able to name the unemployment and RBA cash rate he caused confusion over Labor’s border protection policy and the AMA slammed his 50 urgent care clinics promise which is not costed by the Parliamentary budget office. Albo was also booed onstage at Bluesfest in Byron Bay while introducing Jimmy Barnes.

Outgoing LNP Member for Dawson Geroge Christensen has reversed his decision to retire and will run 3rd on the One Nation Queensland Senate ticket. The United Australia held its campaign launch on the Sunshine Coast where during rehearsals Clive Palmer fell off the stage and was rushed to hospital. Teal independent candidate for Goldstein Zoe Daniel has apologized for comments talking about Trump’s Jewish donors and signing a petition to allow journalists to criticize Israel.

The Twitter board is trying to scuttle a takeover bid from Telsa billionaire Elon Musk who wants to return free speech to the platform. The local leftist Twitter drips are harassing ABC presenter Fauziah Ibrahim for her private twitter lists that were leaked titled “Labor Trolls/Thugs” and “Lobotomised shitheads”.

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