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It’s still not easy for the ABC to deliver straight news as after one Four Corners saga they want to create another. The continuing Melbourne lockdown is being justified because of two new variants named after letters of the Greek alphabet. Just when you thought one LGBT alphabet soup-themed day had ended there is a whole month of LGBT Pride. All that on tonight’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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In the second week of Melbourne lockdown a second Indian strain cluster has been discovered named Delta which is apparently even more infectious than the highly infectious other Indian strain called Kapper which triggered the initial outbreak leading to the lockdown.

With another weekend of Melbourne lockdown more threatening letters were sent to anti-lockdown activists and journalists including the Real Rukshan and Avi Yemini by Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelious warning them against going to a small business protest which was held at Flinders Street station on Saturday.

Bored Melbournians in lockdown have gone down the rabbit hole again looking into the various rumours about Premier Dan Andrews stairfall on March 9 which he has been on recovery leave and not been seen since. This afternoon the Victorian Liberals even asked for more information to be released about the stairfall.

Former Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter withdrew his defamation action against the ABC last week in exchange for an Editor’s note on Louise Milligan’s original story that a sitting Cabinet Minister had been accused of an historical rape. The ABC spun Porter’s withdrawal as a win but they will pay his mediation costs with the case already costing the taxpayer funded broadcast $780,000. Despite this they were planning to air another Louise Milligan program on Scott Morrison’s supposed relationship with a QAnon believer.

Just as one LGBT themed day had passed IDAHOBIT Day a whole month of LGBT Pride is taking place in June. Many major corporations are changing their Twitter logos to rainbow versions but not for their Middle East division Twitter accounts.

Melbourne protests: Two arrested outside Flinders St Station, heavy police presence at vaccination hubs –
Christian Porter defamation case has cost ABC about $780,000, says managing director David Anderson
ABC statement on Christian Porter litigation – ABC About

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