TNE 42 Canberra Rage

There was another Convoy to Canberra protest this weekend against vaccine mandates and passports. The slander and fake news against the activists intensified with one Canberra local road raging against convoy members. I break it all down on this Valentine’s Day edition of Tim’s News Explosion.

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On this Valentine’s Day some covidian couples will be kissing with masks on or rapid testing themselves before going out for dinner, many single covidians booked in their booster jab for today so they could experience some bodily penetration.

The mainstream media to promote the booster rollout published information from the Victorian Health Department that concluded that a double vaccinated person was 7.6x more likely to be in ICU than someone triple vaxxed. However, the media has also reported that over 100 tripled vaxxed people in Australia have died with covid.

The mainstream media have tried to paint the convoy members as dangerous extremists who are disrupting the lives of the good people of Canberra. But the greatest act of aggression was from a woman known as Chantal from Canberra when she crashed her car into a freedom convoy members’ car then assaulted them with their own Australian red Ensign flags. On her Instagram profile she promotes her OnlyFans account and is seen holding a bong.

On 60 Minutes last night Scott Morrison in a feature with his wife Jenny played Dragon’s Take Me to The April Sun in Cuba on the Ukelele. Today Dragon released a statement calling it cynical for a politician to co-opt their music in a pre-election humanizing attempt.

The Canadian authorities are ratching up their threats against members of the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy who are in the Capital Ottowa demanding an end to vaccine mandates and passports. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has declared a state of emergency with fines and prison threats for non-compliance and Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau has warned if the Truckers don’t go they could lose much of their liberty.

In the Super Saturday of NSW state by-elections only the seat of Bega changed hands from Liberal State Government to the Labor Opposition whose leader Chris Minns campaigned against the lifting covid rules over Christmas. Jason Yat-Sen Li who retained the inner Sydney seat of Strathfield for Labor claimed there was a racist campaign against him, probably to deflect from his previous praise of the CCP and President Xi Jinping.

In Victorian news Age and 60 Minutes reported Nick McKenzie published that one of the masked members of the Convict Warrior Resistance who in a video burnt the Aboringal flag with a sign behind it that called Greens Senator an Abo Whore was Australian Meditations Stefanous.

Premier Dan Andrews has been accused of misogny by former Labor MLC Kaushaliya Vaghela who crossed the floor in the Victorian Legsilative Council to support her former factional ally Adem Somyeruk’s motion for an IBAC investigation into the Red Shirts rorts.

Psychotic Vax Zombie Deliberately Crashes Into Freedom Protester’s Car – XYZ


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