TNE 41 GoFraudMe and Censorfy

GoFundMe becomes GoFraudMe after attempting to steal $9 million raised for the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy. The Censorfy campaign from other big tech giants encouraged by governments continues against both the famous and little guys. I cover the latest on this later in the week Tim’s News Explosion.

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After freezing $9 million CAD in funds donated to the Canadian truckers, GoFundMe was going to transfer those funds to charities that they approved of if donors did not apply for a refund in time. After the Attorney-Generals of various Republican US States including Florida vowed they would investigate GoFundMe for fraud the organization announced it would refund donors automatically. GoFundMe’s leftist bias should have been obvious when it pulled Israel Folau’s legal defence fundraiser in 2019.

Although Spotify did not give in to the demands of musicians such as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and cancel their $100 million USD exclusivity deal with Joe Rogan they have memory-holed over 100 of his podcasts from their achieve for unspecified reasons. Free speech YouTube alternative Rumble hasUS offered to match Rogan’s Spotify contract with the pledge to restore all episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Whoopi Goldberg real name Caryn Elaine Johnson was suspended from The View for two weeks after claiming on the show that the Holocaust was not about race. Comedian Jimmy Carr has been under fire for a joke in his Netlfix special that what happened to Gypsies in the Holocaust was a positive. Another comedian Heather McDonald collapsed on stage after bragging her vaccines had kept her safe.

ASIO Director Mike Burgess gave his National Threat Assessment address last night warning that the covid pandemic had led to more radicalization and the rise of “specific-issue grievance” which could lead to violence. Yesterday the mainstream media reported on a “sick video” where “masked neo-nazis” burnt the Aboriginal flag.

Increased government security and covid surveillance has rightly attracted the concerns of digital rights and privacy groups. The federal government is seeking agreement from the states for a new government digital ID that would integrate with state service apps used mainly for covid check-ins. The federal government is trialing online age verification for alcohol and gambling sales and could be possibly be used for online pornography access making it easier for someone’s online activities to be tracked. The Labor Opposition will introduce a digital online license for school children to obtain so they can learn how to use the internet “safely”.

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