TNE 39 East-West Hot Wars

This week’s Tim’s News Explosion looks at the East-West Hot Wars. In Australia, this hot summer the East and West are now fully divided living completely different alternative realities. East and Western Europe are on the brink of a hot war with Russia possibly annexing more of Ukraine.

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According to WA Premier Mark McGowan and his Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson, Eastern Australia is in a default lockdown due to the Omicron wave and this is why they will keep WA’s borders closed indefinitely. Us Victorians know what a lockdown looks like and there have been no freedom protestors shot at with rubber bullets by Victoria Police. Even Dan Andrews mocked this lockdown claim from the West suggesting the Ambassadors could speak to each other.

Communist China is still pursuing covid zero which includes killing hamsters who they believe are carrying the virus, plus they’ve also brought back anal swabbing. They are hoping for a covid zero Beijing Winter Olympics. Yet Omicron is still traveling from city to city, Hong Kong in response to its Omicron outbreak will now pursue a dynamic zero policy.

Communist China’s reach into Australia was on display again with Where’s Peng Shuai T-Shirts banned at the Australian Open as they are deemed political, even though they are showing solidarity with a sexual assault victim. Peng Shuai disappeared after she accused former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault. The Australian Open has Chinese sponsorship deals.

While much of the geopolitical focus has been on will China annex Taiwan the more immediate annexation appears to be Russia annexing two Eastern Ukrainian territories that have ethnic Russian majorities.

The World Economic Forum held their virtual Davos summit in the metaverse which Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed, but the world leader who got the most glowing introduction from leader Klaus Schwab was Xi Jinping. One of the discussions at Davos was although the elites trust each other the citizens of the world trust them less than before.

The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance have canceled their annual Invasion Day parade in Melbourne’s CBD due to covid. Apparently fear of mild virus is enough to stop them, they will hold a virtual mourning event. This means that Australian patriots can reclaim the Melbourne CBD including the steps of Flinders Street station where on Australia Day 2019 the invasion day mob almost lynched them.

Daniel Andrews takes a remarkable swipe at Mark McGowan after WA’s health boss claimed Australia’s east coast is ‘in lockdown all but in name’ – Daily Mail
China brings back anal swab testing for Covid in world’s most brutal lockdown two weeks before Winter Olympics begin – The Sun
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