TNE 37 Australian InDecision

InDecision reigns in Australia as it can’t decide whether it is open or closed as represented by the Immigration Minister Alex Hawke still unable to make a decision if to deport Novak Djokovic. The latest updates on this special mid-week edition of Tim’s News Explosion.

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Immigration Minister Alex Hawke still hasn’t made a decision whether to again cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa as the Australian Open start draws closer.

Channel 7 is closing in on the suspected leaker of Melbourne news anchors Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern calling Novak Djokovic a ‘lying sneaky arsehole’ in a pre-newscast chat, the leaked vision came from closed captioning company Ai-media.

Some Melbournians wonder what Premier Dan Andrews has planned after the Australian Open finishes, all we know so far is that he is pushing for the booster to be required to be deemed fully vaccinated. Pfizer’s CEO has said their Omicron proof booster will be ready by March.

Hillsong Church has been issued with a singing and dancing cease and desist public health order by NSW Health after vision emerged from their Newcastle Youth Camp. Earlier this week a satirical tweet claiming that Scott Morrison gave Hillsong 20,000 free RATs was taken as truth by some Twitter drips.

The supply chain issues due to Omicron isolation requirements continue, close contact rules have been motified again to allow asymptomatic close contacts to return to essential work if they test negative on a RAT (if you can find one). Some hospitality businesses are hiring robot waiters who can’t get covid to fill staff shortages.

The covid fanatics have been suggesting more suffocating masks such as the N95 to try and not be infected from Omicron. OzSage led by Raina MacIntyre suggested people in the apartment buildings tape their doors if they can smell their neighbours’ cooking.

West Australian Premier Mark McGowan today announced that his state’s lockout of the unvaccinated will even include bottleshops. McGowan is clearly trying to be a bigger arsehole than the Premier of Quebec Francois Legault who has introduced a new tax for the unvaccinated and French President Emmanual Macron has said he wants to ‘piss off’ the unvaccinated. McGowan this week also filmed a video urging Aboriginals to get vaccinated which was translated to Aboriginal English.

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