TNE3 Narrative Blunders

The past week has seen established media narratives both young and old fall apart with blunders exposed. On Tim’s News Exposition I blast through these narrative blunders which come from the BBC, the ADF and the Greens amongst others.

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A report from a former UK Supreme Court Justice confirmed that Martin Bashir in 1995 forged bank statements to secure an exclusive interview with Princess Diana for the BBC’s Paranoma program which said her friends and staff were being paid to spy on her. The BBC covered up Bashir’s lies and deceptions for 25 years, the BBC has form as they covered up the child sexual abuse committed by known pedophile and BBC host Jimmy Saville. Martin Bashir is now disgraced, he was sacked from MSNBC in 2013 for suggesting someone needed to shit and piss in Sarah Palin’s mouth.

After various branches of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) celebrated IDAHOBIT last Monday new Defence Minister Peter Dutton told the top brass of the ADP that ‘We are not pursuing a woke agenda’. Elsewhere the Victoria Police is full steam ahead with its woke agenda marching in Melbourne’s LGBTQ Pride Parade on Sunday despite a group of commiegays wanting them banned. Staying in Melbourne a city of Yarra Greens Councillor Anab Mohamud has been accused of engaging in violent homophobic hate crime.

There was another kids climate strike last Friday, telling them to stay in school is misguided since that’s where they’ve learned all the climate alarmism from. In the NSW state Upper Hunter by-election on Saturday the National Party retained the seat with a 3% swing to them ensuring the Berejiklian-Barilaro Coalition Government retains its majority. It was a bad night for Malcolm Turnbull’s independent candidate Kirsty O’Connell and for NSW Labor apologists friendlyjordies and Michael West.

Back in Victoria the day after their participation in the LGBTQ Pride March Victoria Police launched Operation Bane to crackdown mask noncompliance on public transport. Earlier today four new local covid cases were announced in Melbourne’s far north triggering speculation about another Andrews Government lockdown.

‘We are not pursuing a woke agenda’: Dutton bans special morning teas at Defence after IDAHOBIT – SMH
Labor slams Peter Dutton as a ‘warmonger’ for banning special morning teas at Defence after IDAHOBIT – SBS
Protesters slam police amid a riot of colour, music at Pride March – The Age
Greens councillor accused of starting fight, launching homophobic tirade – The Age
Upper Hunter by-election 2021 Results

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