TNE 22 Watching Day

It’s been Watching Day for us here in Victoria on fronts: the first day of Freedom/Apartheid Day in New South Wales, and the first day of IBAC hearings into Victorian Labor branch stacking I replay today’s highlights on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

Live Replay



Because the restored freedoms in NSW today are only for the fully vaccinated many are instead calling today Apartheid Day or Segregation Day as even public and private gatherings are only permitted for the vaccinated. A proper freedom day in NSW won’t come until December 1 when the unvaccinated are allowed to participate again in society. If Premier Domonic Perrottet wants to live up to his values of freedom by December 1 he should also get rid of all mask mandates, QR code check-ins, and quarantine requirements. Businesses such as Rashays operated by Rami Ykmour are choosing to only reopen when they can welcome all customers in.

The beginning of the NSW reopening has also been judgment day for lockdown fanatics and fun haters online sneering at people in Sydney shopping at Kmart and drinking beer in pubs. Some are so addicted to lockdown and fear that they wish the lockdown lifestyle was the new normal. Not all Australian progressive-leftists have turned into totalitarian police state lovers, former Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane is perplexed why so many are now afraid of freedom.

Having lost the argument for the endless use of lockdowns the covid doom establishment have now turned their attention to masking children in schools until they can be vaccinated. Pfizer now wants to get its vaccine approved worldwide for 5-11-year-olds, however, the head of ATAGI Professor Allan Chang has stated the approval for the vaccine in children is not as straightforward given that most children do not get seriously ill from covid so the risk of side effects like heart inflammation is greater than the risk of covid itself.

Last Friday Dan Andrews received two $200 fines for breaking his own mask mandate. But that is now the least of his concerns with the state’s anti-corruption body IBAC beginning its public hearings streamed online into the alleged misuse of taxpayer-funded electorate staffers to engage in Labor Party branch stacking, The first day of hearings has already seen a resignation from Dan Andrews’ Cabinet with Luke Donnellan resigning after admitting he paid for other people’s Labor Party memberships.

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