TNE 21 Frenzy Peak

With all the talk of curves and peaks this week with the world still continuing to watch our lives down under we saw our frenzy curve peak with resignations and even further mandates and complex rules. I untangle it all on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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Melbourne, Victoria is now officially the world’s most locked-down city, 246 days and counting. Despite strict rules as the curfew still remains in place cases have now reached over 1000 per day. The state government Health Department was last week charged with 58 charges of OHS laws by WorkSafe Victoria over the hotel quarantine failures that triggered 2020’s 112 day Melbourne lockdown.

Another anti-lockdown protest took place on Saturday organized by a new group called the VicFreedom Movement replacing Melbourne Freedom Rally whose organizer Harrison McLean was charged with incitement last week. The rally was peaceful until once again Victoria Police aggressively shut it down. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has stood his ground defending the protestors from the protest week before who gathered at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Despite Victoria’s recorded case numbers Dan Andrews still promises the state will begin to reopen when reaching its mandatory vaccination targets. At his Sunday press conference, Dan trotted out a Melbourne nurse who echoed a claim made by a doctor in Alamba that patients are begging for the vaccine before being put on a ventilator. US big pharma giant Merck has developed a new covid treatment pill which some say appears similar to another one of their drugs ivermectin.

Health Minister Martin Foley’s gaffe that 78% of Victorians in hospital with covid were vaccinated went virus. But it is true in NSW many elderly people are dying with covid despite being fully vaccinated. Isolation protocols at supermarkets in the state have finally been charged so all staff do not need to isolate for 14 days if a positive case comes into their and causing massive supply chain shortages.

The crying and flowers outside soon-to-be-former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian continued all weekend following her resignation on Friday after ICAC announced it would be investigating her role in securing a grant for the electorate of her disgraced ex-boyfriend Daryl McGuire. If people overseas wish to understand why Australia is the way it is right now look at the reaction to a Premier resigning who has kept a city under a police state lockdown for 100 days. Polish MPs took part in a growing number of protests overseas outside Australian embassies condemning the nation’s recent human rights breaches.

The NSW Premier-elect Dom Perrottet has already been attacked because of conservative values of freedom and being a devout Catholic with six children. Some in the freedom movement have reservations about Dom because his father works for the World Bank. Dom would a hero if he modeled himself on Ron Desantis the Governor of Florida who has had the state completely open for the past year with no vaccine mandates and passports, Desantis also attacked Australia’s lockdowns last week. Pro-lockdown anti-freedom zealots released a hilarious attack ad on Ron Desantis championing personal responsibility and individual liberty.

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