TNE2 Agenda Failures

In the past week, we’ve seen many of those with hidden or open political and cultural agendas produce some massive failures. On Tim’s News Exposition I blast through these epic fails and what aftershocks may be.

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Major developments in Melbourne on the weekend was another counter-terror raid against the National Socialist Network with Thomas Sewell charged with armed robbery and other charges following the organization’s latest camping trip. Tom was remanded in custody until August 2, there are many theories about the context of this robbery where Tom is alleged to smash a car and take the occupants’ phones with a knife.

There was another worldwide rally for freedom on Saturday 15th May including in Melbourne. The rally was entirely peaceful with Victoria Police finally standing up and not harassing attendees, Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius even didn’t send out any threatening letters to potential attendees this time. Fanos Panayides and Anthony Khallouf who were charged with incitement back in September 2020 were finally able to attend a Melbourne rally as their bail conditions previously banned them from Melbourne’s CBD.

This week’s social justice fails were Victorian Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe calling the Northern Territory Attorney-General Selena Uibo a white male because she disagreed with Uibo’s youth justice bail laws. In the lead up to IDAHOBIT Day another LGBT rights day the ABC promoted a local 13 year old child drag queen with the inappropriate name Candy Featherbottom.

Worldwide Rally for Freedom – Melbourne : May 15th 2021
Lidia Thorpe receives ‘brilliant takedown’ after ‘white man’ comments – Sky News Australia
Meet Queensland’s youngest drag queen Candy Featherbottom – ABC News

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