TNE 13 Cancel Wars

Those who often condemn cancel culture also don’t mind doing some canceling themselves. On this week’s Tim’s News Explosion I provide a cancel wars update about who is being silenced and who is doing the silencing of late.

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As the Greater Sydney lockdown enters week 6 the ADF arrived in South West Sydney to enforce compliance as NSW averages still 200 cases per day. On the weekend almost the entire NSW Police Force was occupying the Sydney CBD to prevent a protest that wasn’t being organized and only promoted by them, the politicians, and mainstream media. In NSW the fines for not wearing masks where it is mandated have increased to $500. The NSW Opposition has proposed that those who promote anti-lockdown activism online should face fines of $11,000.

The National Cabinet agreed last Friday to a four-phase plan to vaccinate Australia out of lockdowns and open the international borders with lockdowns only becoming less likely when 80% of the population is fully vaccinated. The NSW and Federal Government are relying on their new vaccine salesman Kyle Sandilands to pump up the vaccination rates. But the Kyle and Jackie O show still heard the other side of the vaccine debate with Pauline Hanson last week, however, their audience could not hear it as the KIIS FM censor bleeped out Hanson’s non government-approved views.

Sky News Australia were outraged that they were banned from YouTube for seven days for alleged covid misinformation. Sky News Australia owned by News Corpo has been more than eager to cancel others firing Mark Latham and Ross Cameron and banning Blair Cottrell and Lauren Southern from their network. This week Sky News went after far-left lawyer Julian Burnside SC over a tweet that compared the Israeli airstrikes over Gaza to Nazi Germany war crimes.

Victorian patriot activist Neil Erikson today was granted bail pending his appeal against his conviction and 10-week prison sentence for disturbing religious worship after saying words that offended members of the LGBT Metropolitan Community Church at a public meeting in May 2019.

Messaging and broadcasting platform Telegram has begun terminating channels it decides violates its terms of service which is a step up from simply censoring them in their Google and Apple apps. This is what happened to Australian Meditations telegram channel last week.

Turning Point USA which claims it stands against cancel culture has made sure to cancel conservatives they deem extremists like Nick Feuntes’ Groyper Army while letting in any type of degenerate into their events who claims to be conservative. But they drew the line at Brandi Love a self-described ‘conservative pornstar’ which is an oxymoron. Turning Point canceled Brandi’s VIP ticket to their Student Action Summit.

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