TNE 12 Cats and Kings of the Jungle

They say it’s a jungle out there. The Australian Government in their desperation to sell their health messages have turned to the new King of Sydney radio Kyle Sandilands. Meanwhile, the ABC’s Alex Mann has managed to hunt one of the internet’s wildest creatures CatBoyKami. Explore the jungle on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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Worldwide Freedom Protests were held in cities around Australia including in Melbourne and Sydney which are locked down. Assistant Victorian Police Commissioner Luke Cornelius admitted he was surprised by the thousands-strong turnout in Melbourne and said the police would increase their surveillance to attempt to suppress future anti-lockdown rallies.

The Sydney protest was even larger with notable attendees Joel Jammal, John Ruddick, and Jon-Bernard Kairouz. NSW Police have launched strike force seasoned to identify and charge attendees.

The Federal and NSW Government have turned to the new King of Sydney Breakfast radio Kyle Sandilands to encourage more vaccinations, promoting Kyle’s music video #getvaxxedbaby.

Alex Mann a reporter of the ABC radio investigative program Background Briefing known for his reports doxxing patriots has revealed the identity of Australian-based online far-right personality CatBoyKami. CatBoyKami became notorious for his Omegle online encounters with black teenagers where he used the N-word and sometimes dressed in blackface.

NSW Police Accused of “Fake News” After Video Emerges of Man “Punching” Horse – Caldron Pool
Sick moment Australian YouTuber paints his face black and uses the N-word as he mocks the death of George Floyd in racist stunt – Daily Mail
Catboy Kami: How an internet troll went from an Ipswich bedroom to the heart of the US far-right movement – ABC Background Briefing

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