TNE 11 Hopping Mad

The Australian online political partisans took a break from getting mad at each other become hopping mad that British freedom advocate Katie Hopkins confirmed she had landed in Australia. The raging about that plus the latest from Cuba and South Africa on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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As part of their upcoming Big Brother VIP series, Channel 7 had flown international media personalities, Caitlyn Jenner and Katie Hopkins. With international travel caps to Australia being slashed due to the Delta variant, Hopkins’s passage into Australia saw politicians and media commentators left and right call for her to be deported immediately due to her so-called ‘racism’ and her joke in her Katie’s arms livestream from hotel quarantine where she joked about opening the door naked in front of Australian Border Force staff. Channel 7 terminated her contract, NSW Police fined her $1000 and she was deported today after her visa was cancelled.

Andrew Bolt wrote a column in the News Corp papers condemning Katie Hopkins in the same manner that he condemned Blair Cottrell in 2018 after he appeared on Sky News. Hopkins appeared on Sky News Outsiders in 2020 but after condemnation from Bolt and fellow Sky host Sharri Markson it is doubtful she will reappear, just as Lauren Southern hasn’t appeared on Sky in 2021.

Both Katie and Lauren have covered the white genocide in South Africa where the nation is still on fire due to riots. In better news the protests in Cuba against the communist regime continue, Joe Biden said the rallies show why socialism doesn’t work, Democratic Socialist AOC said the protests are due to US sanctions.

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