TNE 10 Saying It Out Loud

The cultural Marxists and anti-westerners have sadly become so successful at implementing their agendas by stealth they are now saying it out loud and proud. That plus other news from the Middle East to the Caribbean tonight on this week’s Tim’s News Explosion.

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Australians have long needed something to cheer about and young tennis star Ash Barty delivered winning the Wimbledon ladies’ single becoming the third Australian to win after Evonne Goolagong and Margaret Court. Italy beat England in a penalty shootout in the Euro 2020 tournament and Melbourne’s Little Italy in Lygon Street exploded back to life with celebrations, five were arrested for lighting flares.

An unwelcome new resident to Melbourne is militant vegan Tash Peterson who has been banned from every licensed venue in her native Perth. One of her first stunts in her new city was visiting a local KFC pouring fake blood on the flaw and playing footage from an abattoir. Fellow fast food outlet McDonalds has discontinued its McVeggie burger due to low demand given that most customers go to Maccas for the meat burgers.

The San Francisco gay men’s choir released a music video where they admitted we are coming for your children Following the backlash to the video they claimed it was just a troll/joke video. Back in Victoria Premier Dan Andrews opened an LGBT Pride Centre in St Kilda. The Victoria Police are still prosecuting patriot Neil Erikson was disrupting a gay church service in 2019.

In the Caribbean, Haiti’s President was assassinated by a targeted hit squad. Some have linked the assassination to the nation’s refusal to administer covid vaccines. Protests have been taking place in Communist Cuba providing hope the 62-year-old Castro-founded dictatorship will finally fall.

Greater Sydney’s lockdown is entering its third week as close to 100 cases per day continue to be found all over the city. NSW Police are issuing over 100 fines a day and are cracking down on so-called non-essential shopping as browsing in shops has been banned.

The Biden Administration is still on track to withdraw all US troops by September 11. The Taliban looks set to retake the country which means that all Coaltion soldiers died for nothing, although the US did eventually hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden.

In Australia, a Royal Commission into veterans’ suicide has finally been launched thanks to the lobbying of veterans such as Heston Russell and veterans’ families. Defence Minister Peter Dutton has called for a day to honour the Australian veterans of the Afghan war.

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