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The new Deformed USA under ‘President’ Joe Biden believes that white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat facing the nation. The mainstream media have attempted to prove this with high-profile attacks on Asian Americans in 2021, but this falls apart with the perpetrators mainly being African Americans. Asian Americans in response to the attacks on them have started supporting the pro-Western anti-Communism male fraternity the Proud Boys.

In CuckCanadastan where they decided to list the Proud Boys as a terrorist organsation they have arrested and detained a second Christian pastor in the province of Alberta for ‘inciting’ people to attend Church against the nation’s never-ending lockdown. Recently Canadian pro-life pro-family website LifeSiteNews was deleted from Facebook for ‘misinformation’.

Back in Australia a week a half after the parliamentary public hearings into extremist moments a terror-related arrested has occurred of an Islamic state recruiter being arrested at Melbourne Airport after being deported from Turkey following the serving jailtime there. State Liberal MLC Bernie Finn has triggered leftists with his Facebook poll about where the Chinese rocket should have crash-landed. In New Zealand, a mass stabbing occurred at a Countdown supermarket in Dunedin, contrary to speculation it was not a domestic terror attack but a random attack.

Proud Boys reportedly getting huge Asian American support due to BLM, Antifa fears – New York Post
Facebook Permanently Bans LifeSiteNews – Caldron Pool
Canadian Police Arrest Pastor for Holding ‘Illegal In-Person Gathering’ That Defies Public Health Order – CBN
Accused Islamic State supporter Mohamed Zuhbi arrives in Australia after being deported from Turkey – ABC News
Stabbing in Dunedin: Hero bystanders tackle knifeman in supermarket attack that leaves three fighting for life – Stuff

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