The Brawler and The Brain Ep. 13 In Trouble

Australia is in trouble with a creeping police state in Victoria seeing political prisoners jailed and individual rights and choice continuing to be eroded. In this week’s The Brawler and the Brain Jarrad Searby and Tim Wilms call out the latest examples of political persecution and blatant double standards of our legal system.

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Both Neil Erikson and Thomas Sewell are being held at the Melbourne Assessment Prison (MAP), this is after Neil rescinded his appeal against his 1 month prison sentence for disturbing Islamic prayers at Federation Square in April 2019, Thomas Sewell was raided, arrested and charged with armed robbery along with a string of other offences following an alleged incident at the latest National Socialist Network camping trip.

The latest in covid vaccine news is that Scott Morrison has indicated he is open to the idea of a vaccine passport for free access around Australia. Bill and Melinda Gates divorce is beginning to get messy will Bill being exposed as a sex pest, he was close with deceased known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and was fired from the Microsoft board after an affair with a coworker.

The show plays out with Jaz’s new music rap song In Trouble.

IN TROUBLE – Jaz Searby Rap Song
Neil Erikson gets prison for calling mohammed a false prophet – XYZ
Victorian News on Jailed Political Figures
Australians could need vaccination passports to travel interstate, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says – 9News



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