Reality Check Radio Appearance On The Uluru Statement from The Heart

On my weekly appearance on New Zealand’s Reality Check Radio Breakfast with Paul Brennan program I provided an update on ‘The Voice’ referendum and what the full ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ document says. Plus what happened in Victoria while Dictator Dan Andrews was off sick? You can listen to the full segment below.

The Problems with a Voice to Parliament and Makarrata Commission

In 2017, just after the Uluru Statement from the Heart was made the then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull famously rejected the idea of a Voice to Parliament for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for three reasons. The first being that referendums the vast majority of the time fail to get accepted. It’s extremely difficult to win a referendum over a controversial issue and since federation in 1901, only 8 out of 44 have been approved. The second is the fact that only Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders would be elected and allowed to elect members which violates a fundamentally important tenet in our society, racial blindness. And finally because of how the Voice would be perceived as a third chamber of Parliament.

But, with a new Government and new Prime Minister it’s clear a referendum on the Voice to Parliament i

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