Ep. 84 Covid Out of Control?

Greater Melbourne is halfway through its second lockdown and one week into its new face-covering mandates. Up to this point, Premier Dan Andrews and the mainstream media have blamed anti-maskers and covidiots and a complacent public for Victoria’s second coronavirus wave. But it now becoming clear that its been quarantine breaches, lax PPE standards in age care, outbreaks in essential workplaces and various government failures that have spread the virus and led to deaths.

A Black Lives Matter rally in Sydney on Tuesday flopped after the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal deemed the gathering unlawful on public health grounds as the NSW Government fears a second coronavirus wave. The longtime Marxist activist organiser of the rally Paddy Gibson was arrested fined $1k by NSW Police with less than 20 people showing up.

On this week’s edition of WilmsFront my fi

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