Ep. 160 Melbourne’s Freedom Future with Anthony Lev

Melbourne and Victoria still remain under more restrictions than most other Australia two years after the first two weeks to flatten to curve. What does the future hold for freedom in this state in this election year? To discuss my guest on WilmsFront is Anthony Lev of Melbourne Freedom Rally.

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TNE28 A White Pilling Weekend

It was a weekend of white pilling with justice prevailing in the United States with Kyle Rittenhouse found by a jury to have acted self-defence in killing two Antifa criminals in Kenosha last year. Back in Australia on Saturday hundreds of thousands of citizens around Australia marched as part of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom against lockdowns and mandates. Myself, Margo Huss and Andy Nolch reflect on this new hope for humanity on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Ep. 115 A Tale of Two Christmases

It’s a tale of two Christmases for Westerners. In the Great Southern Land of Australia, the domestic economy is open with us able to semi-freely enjoy our perfect summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, they are experiencing a dark winter with governments reimposing police state lockdowns as coronavirus infections rise. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront, we look at these two polar opposite seasons with guests Harrison McLean, a participant in the Melbourne Freedom Rally movement that has been active since the city’s Stage 4 lockdown.

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