March for the Babies Returns to Melbourne’s Streets in 2022

The March for the Babies was able to make its return to the streets of Melbourne in 2022 after Dan Andrews’ lockdowns forced the annual pro-life event online. The march is held on the second Saturday of October near or on the anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 in Victoria which legalized abortion in the state up until birth to demand its repeal and for all life including the unborn to be protected by the law.

The Victorian Health Minister in 2008 who spearheaded this extreme abortion law was the current Premier of Victoria Dan Andrews. This week Dan Andrews attacked the Anglican-affiliated City on the Hill Church for being against abortion because its chair Andrew Thorburn was briefly the CEO of the Essendon Football Club. Sadly for Dan, this did not stop

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Ep. 99 Protecting All Human Life

We are told that the justification for Melbourne’s continuing lockdown is it’s about human life. But such as principle has never applied to unborn babies with Victoria having the worst abortion laws in the world. On the mid-week edition of WilmsFront my guest is Marike Rancie also known as Political Posting Mumma to discuss this year’s online March for the Babies protest and what it means to protect all human life.

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Ep. 12 Non-News Networks

The mainstream media these days either report fake news or simply omit stories they don’t want to cover, as part of being non-news media networks. That’s the topic of discussion of tonight’s WilmsFront.

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