Ep. 27 Reality Bridge

The second Islamic terror attack in less than three years has occurred on the London Bridge. Yet a reality check hasn’t occurred with us being told diversity is still our strength. The media and elites are also trying to keep us blind on the continuing Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Prince Andrew sex trafficking revelations. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront, myself and Martin Hartwig remind you about what the true narrative is.

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Ep. 20 Politico-Hollywood Complex

Cinema like everything else in the current year is now political. Hollywood is now more explicit about pushing its worldview. On Friday’s WilmsFront with a night at the movies on people’s minds I catch up with Melbourne’s most red-pilled film buff Richard Wolstencroft to explore the politico-Hollywood complex.

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Ep. 19 Epstein and Groyper Army Advances

Many on the dissent right had taken the black pill this year believing there was no hope in fighting back against the state, elites, globalists media, left and cuckservatives.

But now many are now taking the white pill encouraged by the achievements of the Groyper Army Advances demolishing conservative inc, plus the Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself online meme resulted in some new revelations in pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

I provide the comprehensive summary of these exhilarating new developments with The Unshackled’s Brisbane Reporter Martin Hartwig on the mid-week edition of WilmsFront.

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Ep. 15 Patriot Persecutions and Elite Escapes

The mainstream media of Australia have launched a press freedom campaign. Of course they don’t believe in freedom for everyone else, and believe only they have the right to inform the public of news and information they deem relevant and accurate.

This lack of consistent messaging has been on display with their silence or slander against patriots being persecuted across the western world, or helping elites such as Jeffrey Epstein escape justice.

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Ep. 4 Modern Information Wars

On WilmsFront tonight was Dougal Cameron from Carnage House Productions to discuss the modern information wars. Dougal operates the outlet with his two brothers and are beginning to make waves in the Australian alt-media scene.

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