Grooming is Bipartisan in Victoria

The latest Alphabet day on the calendar IDAHOBIT Day (The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) demonstrated that grooming is a bipartisan policy in Victoria. Despite enormous community backlash against drag queen storytimes aimed at young children which saw 11 such events cancelled across Victoria Dan Andrews decided he would arrange a secret drag queen storytime in Victoria’s Parliament House.

Dan Andrews recorded an IDAHOBIT Day message on his social media declaring that equality is not negotiable in Victoria. (Victorians who were discriminated against for choosing not to take any covid jabs their equality was negotiable).

TNE3 Narrative Blunders

The past week has seen established media narratives both young and old fall apart with blunders exposed. On Tim’s News Exposition I blast through these narrative blunders which come from the BBC, the ADF and the Greens amongst others.

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