Ep. 25 The Mandarin Candidate

The final sitting fortnight of federal parliament this year began the day after an explosive 60 Minutes interview with alleged Chinese spy defector who revealed more about the nation’s foreign interference operations.

Even more alarming was China’s attempt at planting its own Manchurian candidate in our parliament. To further analyze these latest revelations my guest on the midweek edition of WilmsFront is China expert Dave Lee.

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Ep. 16 Assets of the West

In the west recently there has been major concern of citizens, even accusations against nationalists of being either agents or assets of the Chinese Communist Party or Russian Government.

On another Friday night double feature WilmsFront episode I speak with two local voices in the western and nationalist debate: Alexander Cameron of Carnage House Productions and Riccardo Bosi the founder of the new Australia One Political Party

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Ep. 7 Communist and Antifa Killers

The People’s Republic of China has celebrated 70 years of communist rule. The Australian Antifa community are campaigning for convicted murderer Jock Palfreeman to be freed from prison in Bulgaria.

After reviewing the recent Trump, big tech and royal family news our two resident experts return to WilmsFront on Wednesday night’s episode. China expert Dave Lee and Antifa expert Lucas Rosas.

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