Victorian Election Anti-Dan Andrews Freedom Parties Guide

Election Decision D-Day for Victorians is almost here. Saturday 26 November is the official Victorian Election Day though many Victorians have already cast their vote at prepoll centers which opened on Monday 14 November.

In the back of Victorians’ memory and Melbournians in particular is the 262 days of lockdown ordered by Dan Andrews in 2020-21. I lived through all those days of lockdown in Melbourne and it was truly a horrific scaring experience. Dan Andrews was a dictator during those lockdowns controlling every aspect of our daily lives. His menacing lecturing and hectoring daily press conferences determined what we were and weren’t allowed to do.

Victoria’s lockdown number 6 ended over a year ago. 2022 saw Dan Andrews slowly remove most remaining restrictions. In this election campaign, the pandemic is officially over as Dan Andrews did not renew the

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