TNE 95 Normal People’s Revolt

A crude blasphemous joke on The Project has triggered a normal people’s revolt against the most recent onslaught of groomer and degenerate propaganda. See who the leaders of this backlash are on Tim’s News Explosion.

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Ep. 47 Drag Queen Reality Check

Drag Queen Storytime for children at the local public library is taking off across the west. The anointed LGBT lobby tells us this is the next stage of love, tolerance, and self-expression.

Californa based Drag Queen Kitty Demure released a video message which went viral directed at ‘woke’ parents who think it’s healthy for their children to be read to by Drag Queens who are predominately adult entertainers.

Kitty Demure is my guest on the end of week edition of WilmsFront to provide a Drag Queen reality check. She also explains her criticism of the increasingly obscene agenda of those who claim to speak on behalf of LGBT people.

In the studio with myself for this episode was Dia Beltran to moderate the live chats. Dia is a friend of Kitty and they are both friends of trans SJW YouTuber Hogatha.