Welcome back to another installment of Trad Tasman Talk as Tim Wilms and Dieuwe de Boer discuss the events of the past week in the Tasman nations. Both of us are back out of lockdown (for now) and both countries have begun vaccinating border workers and look to reinject their economies. Australia was unfriended by Facebook last week. New Zealand’s child poverty statistics worsen.

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On this week’s edition of WilmsFront I’m joined by the Federal Member for Hughes Craig Kelly to talk about how to get Australia back on the right track in the post-pandemic economic reopening.

Then a little later Raphael Fernandez one of the emerging freedom and truth activists joins me to discuss what we should be wary of post-pandemic, but also how to make the most of our lives going forward.

I finish off the show by going through the news of the past week. Racial tensions have increased in the United States with Joe Biden claiming if you don’t vote for him you ain’t black, a woman in Central Park New York called the police on a black man for telling her to put her dog on a leash and a black man in Minneapolis died in incident of police brutality.

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