Reality Check Radio Appearance On The Uluru Statement from The Heart

On my weekly appearance on New Zealand’s Reality Check Radio Breakfast with Paul Brennan program I provided an update on ‘The Voice’ referendum and what the full ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ document says. Plus what happened in Victoria while Dictator Dan Andrews was off sick? You can listen to the full segment below.

Reality Check Radio Appearance on the ’Aboriginal Voice’ Referendum

I recently appeared on the New Zealand radio program Breakfast with Paul Brennan on Reality Check Radio about Australia’s impending ’Aboriginal Voice’ referendum. New Zealand’s Labour Government is creating a co-governance system with the Maori population given an elevated ‘voice’ in political decision-making. You can listen to the full segment below.

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Why The Voice Referendum Must Not Succeed

Later this year, Australians will vote in an important referendum to amend the nation’s constitution on whether to recognize Indigenous Australians (Constitutional Recognition) by establishing a Voice to Parliament in Canberra for Aboriginals to influence Parliament and the Government on policies relating to them.

At first, it sounds like a wonderful idea, given that they’ve been in Australia for close to 60,000 years before British colonialists settled in the country in 1788 and therefore can advise and influence the Australian parliament and government through what’s the best policy for them

But there’s a problem. By giving one group of Australians the ability to be able to directly influence and advise our national parliament and democratically elected government on policies affecting them, what about the other groups of Australians?

Voice Race Blackmail Gets Desperate

The Yes23 referendum campaign thought that their goal of enshrining an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Australian Constitution would be easy. They saw the polls last year ago showing a yes vote was in the high 50s that it was a done deal.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney want the voice to be theirs and Labor’s legacy. Albanese’s refusal to provide Opposition Leader Peter Dutton with more detail about how the voice would be elected and operate was designed to both alienate the Liberal Party from supporting the voice and also because detail would invite more scrutiny on the voice.

When Peter Dutton announced that the Federal Liberal Opposition would formally oppose and campaign against the voice it was said this would sink Dutton’s leadership and consign the Liberals to a generation of Opposition.

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