Nigel Farage Visits Melbourne

On Monday night Nigel Farage spoke in Melbourne at Jeff’s Shed. He mentioned the Monarchy, the Commonwealth and how it’s important to protect them along with free speech. He believes that the Commonwealth can unite the west against Communist China.
I quiz numerous people at the Nigel Farage event in Melbourne and got some footage of Farage’s talk. Leftism, mental illness, green energy, electric cars and Dan Andrews is discussed.

Nigel promoted the social media platform Gettr and GB News where he hosts a weeknight show as a way to figh

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Geelong Wins Grand Final While Leftists Hijack Half Time Performance

The 2022 AFL Grand Final was a continual pump of leftist propaganda from start to end. Aboriginals, muslims and lesbians were featured in key roles throughout the day. 

Geelong won by 81 points against Sydney at the MCG. Sydney’s performance was poor with continual mistakes from the beginning. As the game went on Geelong continued to expand it’s lead. Robbie Williams and Delta Goodrem performed before the game and not during half time which was strange. Usually famous musicians are featured during the half time performance but this year the AFL chose to not have Robbie Williams perform and instead have a group of Abo

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FAKE NEWS ALERT! Hawthorn’s “Racism Bombshell” Isn’t Racism At All

The mainstream media is using a false headline and making up that there is a racism scandal at the Hawthorn Football Club when there isn’t. It’s an abortion scandal, that’s what it is, they allegedly forced a player to get his girlfriend to have an abortion. If true it was wrong, but it had nothing to do with racism. Don’t forget we haven’t heard the full story either.
Channel 7 News Report-Spot the exaggerated reaction and lack of explaining both sides, this indicates classic leftist racial propaganda.

The football player happened to be Abor

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WF Ep. 166 Nick Patterson Up Against Victoria Police

My guest on WIlmsFront is Father, Christian, MMA, and freedom fighter Nick Paterson who is up against Victoria Police at trial later this year. He has been charged with assaulting force members when they were suppressing a freedom protest during lockdown 4 last year.

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