Voice Race Blackmail Gets Desperate

The Yes23 referendum campaign thought that their goal of enshrining an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Australian Constitution would be easy. They saw the polls last year ago showing a yes vote was in the high 50s that it was a done deal.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney want the voice to be theirs and Labor’s legacy. Albanese’s refusal to provide Opposition Leader Peter Dutton with more detail about how the voice would be elected and operate was designed to both alienate the Liberal Party from supporting the voice and also because detail would invite more scrutiny on the voice.

When Peter Dutton announced that the Federal Liberal Opposition would formally oppose and campaign against the voice it was said this would sink Dutton’s leadership and consign the Liberals to a generation of Opposition.

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We Are Ready Frankston Unites Awake Locals

We Are Ready was a worldwide event in 200 locations on Saturday 20th May 2023 to declare to the globalist elite who were gathering in Lisbon, Portugal for the Bilderberg Club meeting “We are many, we are United, and We are Ready”.

One of the We Are Ready locations was at Frankston Foreshore in Melbourne’s south. Frankston now has a vibrant hub for awake locals thanks to MyPlace Frankston founded by Darren Bergwerf in 2021 which now has 150 chapters nationwide. The growth of MyPlace has seen the community organization the subject of mainstream media hit pieces with Darren and MyPlace members labelled sovereign citizens and conspiracy theorists.

The event was organised by wife and mother Rebecca Kimm and it was her first time organizing a public event on this scale. Members of Victoria Police were in attendance to keep the peace in case any Antifa agitator

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Grooming is Bipartisan in Victoria

The latest Alphabet day on the calendar IDAHOBIT Day (The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) demonstrated that grooming is a bipartisan policy in Victoria. Despite enormous community backlash against drag queen storytimes aimed at young children which saw 11 such events cancelled across Victoria Dan Andrews decided he would arrange a secret drag queen storytime in Victoria’s Parliament House.

Dan Andrews recorded an IDAHOBIT Day message on his social media declaring that equality is not negotiable in Victoria. (Victorians who were discriminated against for choosing not to take any covid jabs their equality was negotiable).

Melbourne’s Greatest Commie and Nazi Sideshow Spectacle

“Remember, upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.”

Alexander the Great

On Saturday 13th May, The Greatest Showman cast and crew met Melbourne’s Romper Stompers in a face-off calling for changes to Australia’s immigration policies. While one side was advocating for open borders, and pro-LGBTQIA+ rights, and pro-immigrant rights, the other wants “living spaces for white people”, the end of Israel, and immigration. Ironically both extremes of left and right, stood out front of Melbourne’s iconic and beautiful Princess theatre to provide the people a cheap sideshow act.

A band of 20 Nazis clad in black, faced off against some 300 C

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Nazis vs Socialists Shoutoff at Spring Street

The National Socialist Network (NSN) and the Socialist Alternative (SAlt) in Melbourne engaged in a shoutoff on Spring Street this morning.

Yesterday the NSN announced a snap stop immigration rally for 12pm at Victoria’s Parliament House.

WF Ep. 172 Captain Graham Hood

On this week’s WilmsFront my guest is former Qantas Captain Graham Hoody’ Hood who has become one of Australia’s most prominent campaigners against medical coercion.

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