Western Governments’ DoubleThink Rampage About China Covid Protests

Chinese cities are amazingly under lockdown again, wow, just wow, and its citizens are protesting which is what would be expected given they are thrown into covid camps if they test positive and trapped inside their apartment towers if anyone inside tests positive inside.

Yet strangely western governments are criticizing China for trying to shut down these protests. These are the same governments that did brutal things to the covid freedom protesters. Western governments did the exact same thing earlier this year and during the massive covid protests last year, in fact, they did worse. Australian covid protesters got zapped by police crowd control electronic weaponry that left people with weird sunburns and headaches during the Canberra protests in February.

How dare they have the nerve to criticise China for not allowing peaceful protests, this is the po

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TNE 81 Zero Change

Change did not occur in Victoria with voters re-electing Dan Andrews’ Labor Government. Open rebellion is occurring in China against the CCP’s Covid Zero policy. Trump and Ye had an interesting dinner at Mar-a-Lago. I bring you the wash-up from a sobering weekend on Tim’s News Explosion.

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