Ep. 98 Freedom: The New Dirty Word

During Melbourne’s strict coronavirus lockdown freedom and human rights are new dirty words. Public protests against the lockdown have been shut down with brute force by Victoria Police. On a Saturday special WilmsFront, my guest is Anthony Khallouf founder of Australians vs the Agenda who was charged with incitement over the ‘Freedom Day’ protests.

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Before the pandemic and lockdowns Anthony worked as a personal trainer and in the security industry, he had not paid much attention to politics until 2020. He started Australia vs the Agenda as he saw the lockdowns continue to drag on. He chose the Guy Fawkes mask made famous by the film V for Vendetta to represent his movement.

In the lead up to September 5 Freedom Day protests centred around Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance Anthony along with Solihin Millin, Fanos Panayides, Zoe Buhler and James Bartolo were raided by Victoria Police and arrested and charged with incitement. A charge like this as never been used against protest planners, many legal scholars such as Professor Mirko Bagaric believe the charges won’t hold up in court.

Anthony continues to speak up on his Facebook profile highlighting the mismanagement and inconsistent decrees from the Andrews Government on the lockdowns and containing the virus.

Anthony believes that if Dan doesn’t lift the lockdowns soon as Christmas and summer approaches then the people will rebel further against his rules and Victoria Police. Busy scenes at St Kilda Beach from the warm weather showed that with case numbers so low many Melbournians believe we need to move back to normal soon.

After Anthony departs I finish the show with an update on President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis. He has been transferred to the Walter Reed medical hospital out of an abundance of caution and is taking a range of treatment medications. He does not have trouble breathing nor does he have a fever.


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