Ep. 97 Restoring Australian Freedom and Prosperity

Although the coronavirus has nearly been eradicated from Australia much of the economic devastation is still yet to unfold. The lockdowns have seen some of the most extreme curtailments on civil liberties in our nation’s history. How can we get back on the road to restoring Australian Freedom and Prosperity? I explore this topic on the midweek edition of WilmsFront with Liberal National Party of Queensland Federal MP George Christensen.

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George Christensen has been the Member for Dawson which is centred around the Central Queensland city of Mackay since 2010. George sits in the federal National Party room. He launched his own podcast this year titled Conservative One which is part of the Good Sauce Network.

Before George joins the show I provide the latest rule changes to the Melbourne lockdown decreed by Dan Andrews. I review the first US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden moderated by Fox News host Chris Wallace. I also comment on Trump’s Supreme Court nomination Amy Coney Barrett.

My discussion with George beginning by checking that I am not a neo-Nazi or racist since far-left journalists have accused the Unshackled of this. George’s own attire will trigger them since it says support coal, as the Queensland state election approaches the Palaszczuk Labor Government suddenly supports coal.

George is an advocate for the Queensland state border to be reopened and has called out the heartless decisions by Annastacia Palaszczuk to deny quarantine exemptions to family members to see dying relatives and attend funerals. George agrees that the High Court needs to decide the constitutionality of the state border closures through Clive Palmer challenge to be heard in November.

The federal budget is next week with a projected deficit of $83 billion, the Morrison Government has started to phase out JobKeeper by March 2021. George believes we can live with the virus and continuing economic shutdowns and mentally crippling lockdowns are no longer justified. We know a lot more about the virus than we did when it was first born in Wuhan, China with the Communist Party spreading misinformation about the virus.

Both George Christensen & Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly have written to Chief Health Officer of Queensland Dr Jeanette Young urging not to extend the state’s ban on doctors prescribing hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus. Despite its curing and saving the lives of many coronavirus patients the only explanation for the demonization of the drug is due to Donald Trump’s support and own taking of the drug.

George has looked on in horror at the abuse of human rights and the curtailment of civil liberties in Victoria during the second lockdown and the proposed extension of emergency powers. He has also been alarmed by the intimidation of members of the press such as Avi Yemini. George is a strong supporter of press freedom which is why he has continued to speak about the plight of Australian journalist Julian Assange.

We finish by discussing how Australia can bounce back in 2021, the Morrison Government is pushing for a digital and energy revolution. George believes while coronavirus is still around international border controls including mandatory quarantine are still needed. He has lobbied for the potential vaccines the Morrison Government to be secured access to be both free and voluntary.


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