Ep. 93 Lucky Lance’s Legal Lessons

Victoria will remain under a tweaked stage 4 lockdown for another six weeks, this means another six weeks of Victoria Police’s hardline enforcement of lockdown rules. On tonight’s WilmsFront vlogger Lucky Lance Simon returns to the show to share the legal lessons he’s learnt over the years and how the law is operating during Victoria’s lockdown.

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As Lance’s Facebook vlogs have gone more viral the mainstream media has done several expose articles on his legal history. Lance is married to Melbourne gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson (who makes a brief cameo during the show offering her legal opinions on the lockdown), Lance went on trial for murder in 2011 but was found not guilty as he acted on self-defence, he is also friends with Roberta Williams and has recorded several sketches with her.

Given that Lance’s own experience with the police and their procedure Lance takes us through last week’s arrests for incitement in the lead up to Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. Lance is critical of some of the legal and know your rights advocates who claim they can challenge lockdown laws.

I finish by asking Lance about the Lawyer X Royal Commission which a 2,000-page interim report was released last Tuesday. Lance also explains his potential Senate run and I go through whether he is eligible.

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Protests have been criminalised under COVID. What is incitement? How is it being used in the pandemic? – The Conversation


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