Ep. 9 Snapshot of Multicultural Australia

The City of Casey in South Eastern Melbourne is a snapshot of multicultural Australia. Its population rises every year with new migrants moving in and new houses and infrastructure constantly under construction. To provide an insight into this demographically changing place is City of Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani.

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About Rosalie

Rosalie was born in Western Australia, she was brought up and still devout Christian. Mission work in the United States, Papua New Guinea and remote indigenous communities.

She has worked medical services support, is a personal fitness fanatic and also a small businesswoman and is a proud mother of two.

She was first elected as a City of Casey Councillor in 2012 and re-elected in 2016. In 2013 she joined Daniel Nalliah’s Rise Up Australia Party and became its Deputy President in 2015. Rise Up was a multiethnic Australian patriotic and values party and stood in state and federal elections.

Council Work & Activism

The City of Casey’s demographic make up includes a majority of married couples, 44% foreign born, a Christian majority with 7% Muslim population. Its population has grown from 300,000 to 355,000 in the past year. Its main centres are Narre Warren and Cranbourne.

Rosalie discusses her first campaign for Casey council, and how and why she became a prominent voice for local residents against new mosques being constructed in the Casey area.

She explains her decision to join Rise Up Australia, and the group’s involvement in the Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front’s activism in 2015.

The City of Casey was campaign headquarters against the LGBT promotional Safe Schools Program designed by Marxist Roz Ward and supported by Premier Daniel Andrews. Despite this all state seats in Casey had a swing to Labor at the 2018 state election, I asked Rosalie what went wrong?

Rise Up Australia has voluntarily deregistered as a political party. Rosalie explains this is in part due to the Liberals being in a better position under Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Lately Morrison has been taking advice from Donald Trump.

With Australian migration levels continuing at high levels the City of Casey will continue to grow whether the area likes it or not. Rosalie is a supporter of immigration and explains how at a local and state level social problems such as African crime gangs can and have been addressed.


2016 Census QuickStats – City of Casey
City of Casey Councillors
Rosalie Crestani Rise Up Australia Profile

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