Ep. 88 Ending White Guilt

One of the most dangerous developments in the 21st-century is anti-white racism. Many young white people have accepted the white guilt propaganda brainwashed into believing they are responsible for all disadvantage of non-whites. On the midweek edition of WilmsFront I explore how to end white guilt with my Jason Kohne from No White Guilt.

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Jason’s No White Guilt project promotes white wellbeing and white positive aiming to bring purpose, safety, and happiness to Westernkind. He hosts the Going Free livestreams, is a regular contributor to Mark Collett’s Patriotic Weekly Review livestream and the author of numerous books on the topic of white wellbeing.

Jason and I chronicle the advances of the antiwhites, during our lifetimes, we have both witnessed the rise of anti-white discrimination which has now morphed into anti-white violence. It began with the Cultural Marxist takeover of western institutions which has led to the violent antiwhite street movements Black Lives Matter and Antifa. In nations like South Africa, it is now a fully-fledged white genocide.

We debate what it means to be red-pilled on race, what are the signs of antiwhite race self-hate and how to overcome the growing antiwhite presence in western society.

Jason lives in Virginia just outside Washington DC so follows US politics closely. I ask his opinion on Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President in Kamala Harris which was based on race and gender, plus what a Biden Presidency would do to the white positive moment.

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